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Bonus XP Weekend

I'm hoping for a fantastic weekend.

First of all, therapy was great yesterday. Considering the fact that I pretty much randomly selected a psychologist from the internet, it was amazing, really. She basically said that since my life is pretty much in order right now and I'm in a happy, supportive environment, it's the perfect time to finally deal with all these issues that I've so far been unable to resolve. That's a good sign, I think, and I'm ready to get to work on those things. It makes me feel as if things are heading in the right direction.

Second, it's supposed to snow again today. They are predicting a light snow, with maximum of two inches, but still - it's snow! Honestly, the only thing about it that's not completely perfect is that it's not happening until six pm on a Friday - and therefore G doesn't get off work extra to be home with me. Why can't the snow fall on a Monday?

And finally, the Olympics begin tonight! I LOVE the winter Olympics. Well, in all honesty, I love ANY Olympics, but winter is my favorite of the two. Why? Two words - Figure Skating!!!!!! I was shocked to see that Sasha Cohen, who was hoping to make a comeback this year, did not make the US team. She finished fourth at the US competition behind some much younger, less experienced skaters. Young is good though. It's exciting for them, and even if no one expects any of them to be real contenders, I will still root for them with all my heart. Isn't that what the Olympics are all about? The fact that anyone has an equal chance of breaking out and winning the medal? I think the first figure skating competition on the schedule is the Pairs Figure skating, which is always beautiful and fun to watch. That should be on TV Sunday and Monday.

Oh, and I guess it's Valentine's weekend as well. The first of my new marriage! We don't usually do anything big on Valentine's day. It's too crowded at most restaurants, which makes it unpleasant and rushed. For me, it's good to just spend time with my amazing husband. I'm happy it's Friday and we have the weekend together.

And finally - it's Bonus XP Weekend in Everquest II. Normally, this isn't a crazy super exciting event, but this weekend it's particularly important because Sentinel's Fate, the new expansion, is being released on Tuesday! I have a baby Paladin that I've been working to level up to max lvl by then so that I can have a tank to pair with G's healer. I am very excited about the expansion, mainly because it gives us a unique opportunity to make some extra money this month. Hey, it's only Feb. 12th and we've already made almost $300! I'm hoping we can more than double that by the end of the month. Plus, like a cherry on top, we actually might have some fun this month since we can break out of our normal EQ2 routine to do something different with the new zones.

We used to play the game for fun, but for the past six months or so, we've been playing only for money. We do the same things everyday, and even though it's working and bringing in extra income, the game has definitely lost it's fun factor. I am hoping that with the new expansion, we will be able to reclaim a few weeks of fun again in the game.

Overall, it's shaping up to be a great weekend. Hope you all have a good one too!


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