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Non-Stop Dreams

Wow, talk about dreams! G and I both woke up this morning exhausted from dreaming all night. Why have we been dreaming so much lately? It's been so many nights over the past week or two that we have both felt that we dreamed a lot and didn't get much rest.

Last night, my dreams were about Vegas, I think. Except in my dream it was a foreign country and I was there with a friend of mine from college who I haven't thought about in a very long time. We ordered bananas and coffee from some guy that brought it to us in a little van and then charged us $100. And sometime later, I dreamed that I was in Savannah, but the President of the United States lived there and me and my brother got to meet his children - but they weren't Obama's kids, just some other little kids, so lord knows who was pres. in my dream. My brother and I were young, though, like 10 and 5 or something. And we all went swimming in this lazy river that was cold and had a lot of fish in it. Strange dreams, but nothing too crazy I guess. They were largely hooked in reality, so no flying bears or anything weird. Just enough to keep me from ever really feeling like I was resting.

I still think it's strange how we both dream on the same nights. It seems like every time I wake up feeling like I dreamed all night, G feels the same way. It's as if our energy mixes or plays off each other even when we are asleep. Is that really even possible? For one person's dreams to affect someone else's? I have no idea, but it might be time to research this question.


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