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Loving my Sony Reader

I have definitely been wanting an ereader for a while now, but I thought it would be a bit before I could really afford to shell out the money for one. Imagine my surprise when I opened a brand new Sony Pocket Edition (PRS-300) from my parents for Christmas! I was super excited!

As far as what type of reader I wanted, I couldn't have asked for a better one. I knew I didn't really want a Kindle. They are much more proprietary and it's much more difficult to put your pdf's and things on there. With the Sony, I can easily upload my chapters in pdf format and read them on the digital reader, which is helpful since I'm in two critique groups now. The Barnes and Noble Nook looks great, too, but with it being more expensive and new (ie hard to get since they sold out so fast), the Sony was the perfect choice.

So far, I have uploaded a bunch of Harlequin books that I purchased last year and didn't get around to reading. In addition, I put some of my own stories on there to read. But the most use I've gotten out of the reader so far is now that I purchased Stephen King's newest novel "Under the Dome." Instead of hauling around a 1000 page giant hardcover book, I can just turn on my super light and convenient reader. (And so far, the book is amazing.)

Of course, I also bought this sweet pink leather cover from the M-Edge store. It's called the Platform Jacket, because (as shown above) when you open it up, it stands up like a little platform so you can set it up on your desk. So far, I haven't really used that feature, though. Mostly, I've been reading before bed, but can I tell you how much I love the lightness of this reader compared to a bulky book that I have to use two hands to hold? I LOVE IT!

If you haven't invested in a reader yet, but you are thinking about it, I highly recommend you do some research, pick the one that will fit your needs best, and go for it. It's worth it if you like to read.


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