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Chance of Snow

Weather predictions have me pretty excited that we might actually get snow here in the Carolinas tonight. Regardless of the fact that it got up to sixty degrees yesterday, a cold front is supposed to push through tonight and bring temperatures down to the low 20's and high teens. With 100% chance of precipitation, we are expecting up to 6 inches of snow and possibly a "wintry mix" of sleet, rain, ice and more snow. I'm not necessarily looking forward to more dangerous roads, but I am definitely looking forward to seeing snow on the ground for a couple of days.

Last year, the biggest snow of the year occurred when I was out of town and I completely missed it. This time, I'm home and I'm prepared. I bought some extra gallons of water just in case, and we have plenty of food in the house. Hopefully, what they are calling a "winter storm" won't be bad enough to take out our power, which would render most of our frozen foods and soups useless. We still have chips and crackers and peanut butter and bread and such though, so I think we'll be okay for a day or two just in case we do get a terrible storm.

Of course, usually when I'm prepared for such things, nothing happens and what they thought would be a "Storm" turns out to just be a night of light rain that passes over without it ever getting cold enough for snow. We'll see. I'm definitely looking forward to some snow this season.


Mandy January 29, 2010 at 8:45 AM  

Hope you get the snow you want and that there's no power outages, it is such a beautiful thing to see, and everything looks crisp and clean the next day, but when you leave in say, I don't know, ummmmmm OHIO, it stinks, only because that nice beautiful snow turned gray and dirty and doesn't leave from Jan-late Mar! :)

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