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Another Week Gone

It sometimes amazes me how fast time flies as we get older. When I was in third grade, for example, it seemed like a week was a really long unit of time (especially on weeks where something excited was going on that weekend and I had to wait seemingly forever for it to get here). Summers were an eternity. But now, only 8 days away from my 33rd birthday, time is flying by. I was just getting used to 32! And, by the way, what the hell happened to my twenties?!? :p

There is so much I want to accomplish in 2010. Even though we're still early in the year, we're also already two full weeks in. Time is flying by faster than ever and one thing is certain - you can never get it back. Once a day has passed, there's no way to go back and make up for the time that was lost or wasted.

I started this week determined to make the most of the week. Did I accomplish that? Not completely to my satisfaction, no. Monday was an amazing day where I got everything on my to-do list done (well, no, I only wrote 800 words instead of my 2,000 word goal), but the rest of the week was only mediocre. I got some jazzercise in, taught my voice lessons and made some money, wrote a few articles online, and so far have written almost 4,000 words for the week. Not bad, and certainly a good start compared to this time last year. On the other hand, there's so much room for improvement.

Here's the truth of it, though - while it's true that we can't get back wasted time, it's also true that it doesn't do any good to beat yourself up over it. Dwelling on days | weeks | months | even years of wasted time does absolutely no good unless it can somehow super inspire you to get to work and make the most of today and tomorrow and the next day. G always likes to say that "If you're not moving forward, you're moving backward." And he's right. Standing still isn't good enough, because you're falling behind. We always need to be getting better, moving forward, making the most of the time we have now. Even though another week is gone, I still have today to make the most of - and next week is a whole new chance to improve.


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