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More to Love - Fox's New Reality TV Show

More to Love. It's basically the Bachelor with so called "real" people. Plus-sized is the P.C. term. Obese is probably the technical term for many of the people on the show. Yes, big girls need love too, we all know that. But something about the show comes off as too much of a gimmick to me. Also, I was expecting voluptuous women with confidence who ate what they wanted freely and without guilt and who loved themselves despite their weight. I don't know what dream planet I was living on there for a minute, but apparently Fox couldn't find 20 such women in the plus-size category who were willing to go on this tv show. (I, of course, have decided to blog about More to Love on my long ignored reality tv worth watching blog, now housed at blogspot instead of wordpress.)

Instead, so many of the women told sob stories about how they never went to prom or have never once had a date because of how fat they are. Seriously? Didn't they go to college? As long as alcohol is still in fashion, anybody can get a date in college. Big women who are confident still find love, so obviously some of these women have some serious self-confidence issues. And honestly, if that's the case, are they really going to be able to handle the cut-throat world of reality tv dating, where rejection is the inevitable outcome for 99% of the girls? I see a lot of upcoming teary episodes.

On the other hand, one episode of more to love showed more honest conversations than an entire season of The Bachelor. Any show that has two or more women high-fiving over SPANX is alright with me. Unfortunately, both of those women were eliminated... shit. Oh well. I think the show will prove to have some worth, even if it only lasts for one season. What I really would rather see is for producers to go for actual, real normal girls.

They say on their commercial for More to Love that the average dating show contestant is size 2, but the average woman in America is size 14. Then, they proceed to cast their show with women who would KILL to fit into a size 14. Most of them have to be size 18 or higher. 5'5" and 235 pounds? No way that's a size 14. That's obese people. Unhealthy, 70 pounds overweight, size 18 or more. So don't tell me that is what's normal. That's just taking it to the opposite extreme. Give me some 5'5" 170-180 pound women who wear size 10-14 or even 8-14 and then I'll start to believe you understand what 'normal' really is. Then again, it's show business. Will people really watch a show about 'normal' people dating? I say yes, but I also say we'll probably never get to see that show.


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