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Jazzercise Morning

Determined to get back on track with my fitness and my goals for the year (okay, really goals for my life), I actually got up early this morning and went to Jazzercise class. I have missed it, really. Sure, it's sweaty and hot and hard work, but now that I'm home, I feel great! And by going to the earlier class at 8:20 (I used to only go to the 9:30 class), I'm giving myself an extra hour to work before lunchtime.

My life has been filled with starts and stops... starting on a path towards my goals and then stopping when I don't feel like moving forward anymore. There's always some excuse or some immediate complaint that becomes more important and always deters me from the path that I know leads to success. I don't know what it is, but there's always something that makes me steer off course... be it chocolate cake or a headache or just being plain lazy.

But the good news there is that it's never too late to start over and try again. Every day is a struggle, but if I could just struggle through it for one solid year of eating right, exercising, and writing every single day... I know that by the end of that year I would be thin and healthy and on my way to being published. Isn't all that worth a year of daily struggle? Maybe by the end of that year, I'd have new struggles, because I know that life is never easy, but wouldn't it feel amazing just to reach those goals and know that I accomplished them through perseverance and dedication to myself and my future? Yes! I want that feeling. So today I started in a small way with an earlier morning and a Jazzercise class. Every day is a new beginning and a new chance to live the life of your dreams. I truly believe that.


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