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Obama's Stimulus Plan

In news yesterday, the House passed an $819 Billion stimulus bill. Although no Republicans voted for the bill, there were plenty enough Democrats in the House to pass it, just the same. Next week it will go to the Senate, where, I imagine something similar will happen. Usually, Presidents aren't quite so powerful because the party lines in the House and Senate are not quite so "stacked". However, after this latest election, it's safe to say that the Democrats rule, and just about whatever Obama wants, he will get.

Here's the thing, everyone always thinks that Democrats want tax cuts but Republicans want to raise taxes. That isn't always true, however. In fact, Republicans in the House were pushing for less spending in the stimulus bill and more tax cuts. Democrats shot that down, however, opting to give big business more money instead of everyday people.

The other amazing thing for me is, where the hell is this money coming from? I'll tell you where it's coming from... it's being printed on demand. The government needs 100 billion dollars? No problem! Just warm up the printing press and voila! Money money money! If we continue down this road, we might as well be playing with Monopoly money. The American Dollar won't be worth shit anymore. Of course, if it goes down low enough in a global economy, maybe we will have to stop outsourcing everything because it will get too expensive. Haha! I'll tell you one thing, if we still had half of the business and manufacturing that we used to have here in the States before Clinton made it so profitable to move overseas, our economy would be just fine. But don't expect anything to change on that front... especially with Dems in power in Washington and Clinton herself as Secretary of State. All we can logically expect at this point is for the dollar value to go down and down and down from here.

I wish that I had a money printing press sometimes. Right now, I would most certainly print up a couple of million dollars and then make all of my dreams come true. But money doesn't work like that. You are supposed to earn it, not randomly print it whenever you need it. Apparently this very simple rule only applies to those of us not running the country.


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