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Weight Loss Inspiration

Nothing inspires the desire to lose weight and look amazing more than an impending wedding. Maybe a high school reunion or a meeting with an ex-boyfriend that broke your heart are both up there, but getting married takes the cake (pun intended). We haven't set a date yet, but we are hovering somewhere around the year to a year and a half area. That means that in order to have time to pick out my dress and look amazing in it, I have about nine to twelve months to re-create myself as the perfect me I always wanted to be.

Now, just to be clear, losing weight for my wedding is more about me than it is about the groom. He has proven that he loves me for me, and while I know he would take issue with me gaining a ton of weight (mainly due to health reasons), he certainly has never told me I needed to lose weight. On the other hand, I did promise him that if I got to be as thin as a size 7, anything goes in the naughty outfit category. That would definitely provide some fun and entertaining sexual escapades during the honeymoon, so that is a good motivator as well.

In the interest of wanting to be my most amazing self sooner rather than later, I know that some things have got to change. #1. My diet. Big time. I guess it's only convenient that the Metformin I'm taking is practically forcing me onto a diabetic's diet due to stomach complications if I eat too much sugar or fat. We went grocery shopping yesterday after a painful day of nausea and stomach pain and bought diabetes friendly foods. Say goodbye to cakes, doughnuts, and such, because except for the occasional indiscretion or treat, it's healthy foods from here on out. I never want to have another day like yesterday again! #2. My exercise routine. Sitting on your ass writing all day is not an exercise routine. I went back to Jazzercise last week after a few weeks of laziness, but I missed yesterday (for obvious reasons) and I'm not quite sure I'm up for it today yet either. So... my plan is to start back tomorrow for morning Jazzercise, then take a walk in the afternoons. Next week, I want to start Jazzercising twice a day, one hour in the morning and one in the afternoons. My hope is to sort of kick start my metabolism and start losing weight faster. Combined with the healthy eating, I should be well on my way to a stunning beach bod!!


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