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Complaining for the Sake of Complaining

Let's say you wake up tomorrow and suddenly have everything you think you want right now. For me, that would mean that an editor called and offered me a ton of money on a book I am writing (plus a contract for the next five or something crazy), then maybe Hollywood wanted to buy the movie rights, resulting in a several million dollar deal. I am already very happy with my love life, so nothing would really change there except that he would retire from his job and come home to spend time with me all the time now.

It would also mean being able to buy a nice big house with a three-car garage, a swimming pool, and a really nice, big office. Of course, we could afford to have someone clean the house and do our laundry. I would have a personal trainer who would help me lose weight and get down to the perfect size 5, 130 pounds I wish I could be. And next door, my friend T would move in with her boys and go to work as my editor / personal assistant, and we would work together every day writing while our men did whatever they wanted. (There would be a nanny of course, for the kids :P)

Okay, so let's so I woke up tomorrow and suddenly all of those things were in place. Then what? I have everything I want, so there's nothing to complain about, right? My life would be perfect!

Or would it? Right now, I already have a ton of things I always wanted. I have a man that is amazing and is everything I could have wanted and more. I am a full time writer who is very likely to sell a book this year. There really shouldn't be that much to complain about in my life. Yet, I am still complaining.

Last night, G said to me, "You complain, because you like to complain. When you run out of things to complain about, you make stuff up." And you know what? I think he's right. I think most of us look for something to complain about in our current situations. Sure, if you look hard enough, there always IS something worth complaining about. It usually isn't that hard to find if you're picky enough.

I guess the question is why? I honestly have no idea. I guess if you had everything you wanted and world was everything you wanted it to be, then life would be pretty fucking boring. Utopia sounds beautiful, but it's completely unrealistic that we could be happy in a perfect society. Life needs its ups and downs to stay interesting and to help us appreciate the times when things are up. Goals need to be difficult so we have a reason to be proud of ourselves. If everything came easily, we would sorely miss the challenge of working hard to get what we want. Complaining, I think, is just a part of the deal.


Mandy March 18, 2009 at 2:00 PM  

i like your thoughts here, i think I complain just to complain too, very interesting....hmmmm i'll have to get introsceptive with that after ofcourse the laundry, dinner, dusting, homework with the boys, baths for the boys, sports for the boys, changing diapers, folding and putting away the laundry, wiping pee from around the toilet, making beds, putting on bandaids, and kissing booboo's, unloading the dishwasher, changing sheets, giving my spouse the "attention" he needs, going to class myself and doing my own homework... etc, etc... :)

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