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New Notebooks and Britney Spears at the VMA's

As you can tell, we didn't float away this weekend. Thankfully, all we got from Hurricane Hanna was a lot of rain. Instead of the terrible storm I was expecting for the weekend, there were actually some good things that happened.

Last year around this time, or maybe even closer to school starting back, G and I went to K-mart in search of cheap notebooks that were advertised on the radio. 10 cents each. That may not be very exciting to most people, but ever since I was little, I have had a secret obsession with school supplies and office supplies in general. It probably stems from my mother being a teacher and me playing with her neat stamps and notebooks and things when I was little.

Anyway, G and I bought 20 notebooks last year at K-Mart. I used all but 1 of mine. (He used 2 of his, haha.) Knowing that this is the only time of year that school supplies really go on sale, I convinced G to go to K-Mart with me on Saturday in search of the 10 cent notebooks. When we got there, we saw a shelf with a ton of notebooks, exactly the same brand and all as last year, but no price tag. Starting to get excited, we asked a nearby cashier to scan one just to check the price. $1.19! WTF? At this point, I was sorely disappointed becausee it seemed that I had remembered to go in search of notebooks just a little too late this year, and therefore had missed out on all the great deals. Of course, knowing that they can sell these notebooks for 10 cents makes it absolutely impossible to pay over a dollar for them now!

Well, instead of giving up, I focused my efforts Sunday on scouring the internet for news of cheap notebooks. Finally, on a forum for parents, I read some school supply thread that said notebooks were 10 cents at Target, and 5 cents at Wal-Mart. Seeing how Wal-Mart is quite a bit farther away here than Target, I talked G into going with me to the Target, just to see if they were still on sale. As you can see from the picture above, they were! In fact, they were on sale from the sale, an additional 30% off, making each pack of 5 notebooks only 35 cents each. At 7 cents a piece, we grabbed an entire box of them (14 packs of 5). We bought 70 college ruled spiral notebooks for just $4.90. What will I do with these notebooks, you wonder? Some become journals, some become my notes for books I'm reading about writing, others become gaming journals or lists of goals. I am writing a bunch of reality tv blogs this year, so of course, I have one notebook for each of those. I can always find a way to use a notebook.

On another note, the other exciting thing that happened yesterday was that Britney Spears, who had been nominated for 16 previous awards, finally struck it big last night at the VMA awards, winning Best Female Video, Best Pop Video, and Best Video of the Year for her song "Piece of Me". Granted, this did not make me as happy as the deal I got on notebooks, but it still made me smile. She looked fantastic last night, and I am really happy for her. Lord knows she has been such a crazy mess for a long time now. I will cheer on anyone who is making that much effort to pick herself up and be a better person. Good job Britney!


Anonymous September 10, 2008 at 5:41 AM  

Nice post..! Well, I got got some new notebooks from Target.

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