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Another Trip Home to Georgia

I have a list as long as my arm of things to get done today. I am heading down to Georgia again tomorrow and I will be there until Sunday. I hadn't planned on going home until Thanksgiving maybe, but my sister called and asked me to come home for a "Sex and the City Spectacular". The local theater is playing 5 of the most popular SATC episodes on the big screen, having cosmopolitans and contests like "best shoe" contest, and then showing the full movie. It's a six hour Sex and the City evening, all for just $5.00. Of course, you'll have to pay for the cosmo's and food, but how could I pass up a chance to watch five episodes on the big screen? Lord knows, I have seen every episode more than five times on a small TV screen. No matter how many times I watch it though, I always love it and could watch it again.

My only concern about it at this point is what the hell am I going to wear? I know some people are going to go all out in their fancy clothes and expensive shoes, but I honestly don't want to wear a dress and high heels for a six hour event. Anyway, I shouldn't worry about it too much because my sister will surely not be dressing up fancy. We'll just go and have fun and not care too much about how we look. My brother and his wife are also going, which is awesome.

Still, there is so much to get done today before I can even think about heading out. On that note, I am going to get started on this list and get as much done this morning as humanly possible. I will be back to post next Monday at the latest.

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