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Stranded in the Ocean

Did you hear about the six sailors from Texas A&M University that were stranded in the ocean after their sailboat capsized on Friday night? You can read the story on CNN. After I read that story, my first thought was sadness for the man who lost his life and how terrified he must have been. I think drowning has to be one of the most horrible ways to die simply because you know exactly what's happening. There would be no way to control the panic rising up inside.

My second thought was what must it have been like for the other five guys who were stranded out in the middle of the ocean for 24 hours? First of all, the sun shining down straight on the water, reflecting bright light at you for hours in the middle of June would be brutal. Second of all, can you imagine floating on top of miles of endless ocean in the middle of the night, knowing that at any moment, a shark could rip your leg off? I might go insane with fear.

You know that Samuel Taylor Coleridge poem, "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner"? The line "Water, Water Everywhere but not a drop to drink" comes to mind immediately and how true that must have been for them. Just think about how thirsty you would be and here would be this entire ocean of water. Salt water.

It's honestly a miracle that they were even found alive. There's no telling how far you could float in 24 hours. All I can say is that I am glad they were found. I'm sure that is an experience they will never forget.


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