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Well, last night's dreams were pretty intense. Sometime around 6:30 this morning, I had a very vivid dream about a tornado. The scene was very "down on the farm" with cornfields and a barn. G and I were there and were heading out on a date, of course not realizing at first that the weather was bad. As we walked towards his car, the wind picked up and the sky darkened. G casually made a comment about it being "tornado weather" when I looked towards the horizon and there they were. Twin tornadoes.

In my dream, the tornadoes were black, but they seemed to have their own halo-ish lighting around them. The entire sky was suddenly dark except for these very bright tornado lights, heading straight for us. Dream me somehow decided it would be a good idea to take a picture of them, and I exclaimed, "Let me get my camera!" and lunged towards my purse that had fallen on the ground. As I reached for it, I saw it get dragged across the grass and up into the air. I followed. The wind pulled me backwards and I was lifted completely off the ground and into the turbulent air. I was screaming G's name over and over. He was almost into the house by then and had not realized that I stopped to get my camera. It was all very dramatic.

Luckily I woke up before I actually got hurt, but it was still scary. I really hate waking up with that feeling of dread. Being scared is never the first feeling you want to have as you start your day. On a good note, however, it is Friday and the weekend is almost here. Next week my brother is coming to visit and we are going to see Dave Matthews in concert. Happy times on the horizon. No tornadoes in sight.


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