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Everquest 2

I have mentioned several times before that G and I have been playing Everquest 2 for a few years. It's an MMO with its own economy and rules and adventures. I honestly never thought I would be the type of person who would enjoy playing a game online, but the truth is, it's very addictive.

My ex-husband J is the one who first introduced me to Everquest, the original one, which we played for about a year. Then, when Everquest 2 came out almost 4 years ago, I started playing it almost right away. Over the years, I met a lot of great people and started some real friendships. Most importantly, though, I met G while playing the game.

As my marriage was falling apart, I started playing EQ2 quite a bit in order to try to escape my abusive home life. G and I made a connection that stuck, and I thank God everyday for having him in my life. Over the past year since I moved in with G, we have played EQ2 and even made quite a bit of money from selling characters and game money. But after 3 1/2 years of gameplay, the time has come to really say goodbye to EQ2 and move on.

A few weeks ago we started cleaning out our accounts, selling off all of our characters and platinum. Yesterday, I sold my very last character... the one I was on the day I first met G. Overall, after our little "liquidation", we made over $1200, which is amazing. I definitely had some fun playing the game, far more than I ever thought I would, in fact, but I know it was time for a break. We both have subscriptions to Age of Conan, which is a brand new MMO that just came out a couple of months ago. Neither one of us has been playing it as much as we used to play EQ. I hope to concentrate more on my writing in the evenings and figure out better ways to bring in some extra income.

I just wanted to post about this to say that until you try something for yourself, don't judge it. I never would have known how much fun online gaming could be or how much it could honestly change my life, if I hadn't set aside the judgmental part of my personality and just decided to have fun and give it a try. You never know where your future is going to come from, and sometimes, it comes from the most unlikely of places.

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