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How To Get an Updated Version For Your Nook

It has been brought to my attention that both Books 1 and 4 had formatting errors in the Nook versions that led to pieces of chapters getting chopped out. I've found the problem now and have uploaded new, corrected versions of the books to the Barnes and Noble website. If you have a Nook and have already purchased these books, you can follow the instructions below in order to re-download the freshly corrected copy to your Nook or Nook for PC app.

  • Go to "My Library"
  • Scroll to the book on the top menu, then on the bottom scrolling menu, select "Item Details and Options"
  • Scroll down to find "Archive", then click "OK"
  • Wait as the book is archived.
  • Once it is, go back to select "Item Details and Options" in your bottom menu.
  • This time, choose "Unarchive" and then "Download" the book back onto your device.
  • Now you should have the updated version of the book.
Nook for PC App:
  • Go to "My Library"
  • Under the book, there should be a + sign with the word "Options". Click on the + sign to bring up the menu under the book. Choose "Remove Local Copy".
  • Now the world "Download" should appear. Click on Download to download the corrected copy of the book.

If you ever have any issue with one of my books, please do not hesitate to contact me. I want to make sure you have the correct copy of the book and can enjoy your purchase, so I will do everything I can do make it right.


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