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21 Days to Vegas

My husband and I are going to Las Vegas in exactly 21 days! I am so excited I can barely see straight. The only other time I have been to Vegas was for our wedding in December of 2009. We had been hoping to go back for our 1 year anniversary, but between family obligations and my new career getting started, we weren't able to make it. Instead, we decided to go for G's bday.

Right now, I am working hours and hours a day to make sure SHADOW DEMONS comes out before we leave. I have no doubt that I'll make that goal. Once Book 4 is officially released, that will just give us another great reason to celebrate while we are there. And when we do Vegas, we don't go for just a weekend trip. No, we do it right, haha. We're staying 7 nights at the Aria Resort and Casino in City Center. It's one of the newest resorts on the strip, so it should be very nice. I read online that the first time you enter the room, the room "greets" you by turning on the lights and opening the drapes. How cool is that? And you can set preferences on how you want to wake up in the morning. For example, you can program the lights to slowly come on, the windows to open, the temperature to change slowly or certain music to play when you want to gradually wake up. See why I'm so excited?? Haha. My husband thinks I'm nuts for being so impressed by stuff like that, but I can't help it. It's freakin' cool!

We are still trying to decide which shows to go see while we are there. And I'm already thinking about which outfits to take. It's going to be extremely hot, I'm sure! Anyway, the countdown is ON. The number one item on my list of things to-do before we go? Finish SHADOW DEMONS!


Claudia Lefeve June 15, 2011 at 7:19 AM  

My hubby and I were married in Vegas November 2009 :) AND we just went back for the first time since two weeks ago for my sister's 30th birthday (we spend my 30th there too...5 years ago!)

So glad to hear Shadow Demons will be out. What a great way to celebrate. I'm trying to get mine done before our beach trip in two weeks so I can edit with the sand between my toes!

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