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Tossing and Turning

I hate not sleeping well. Not that there's probably anyone who says, man, I love it when I don't sleep well, but you know what I'm saying. Last night, I just tossed and turned for hours, and when I finally fell asleep, I had nightmares. I don't remember everything about my bad dreams, but I know that I was trapped in a building that I could get out of with people following me and trying to catch me. It was not a fun night.

So how do you recover from a poor night's sleep? Is there really any good way? If you have to go to work in a normal job, you have to just make it work I guess. You have to just try to stay awake and maybe just drink a ton of coffee. Me, I work from home. So, should I go back to bed for a few hours? Sometimes that really does seem to help. I wake up refreshed and happier and ready to work. But other times taking a nap just makes me feel worse. I get groggy and disoriented. I start to feel as though I've wasted my day and now I'm too far behind.

I guess the answer is just to keep pushing through it as best you can. Maybe on days like this where I wake up tired and craving pizza, which my fiance won't let me have, I should just push through. The problem there is that writing isn't like most jobs where you can push through and just go through the motions. You have to be creative and original, put words to paper that weren't there before. How do you do that when you're exhausted?

I guess I made it through this blog post.... so maybe all is not lost.


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