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Shopping Day

I have been stressing myself out way too much lately. The pressure of the upcoming National conference has been mounting and I've got so much still to do in the two weeks left before I leave. But the problem is that the more stressed I allow myself to feel, the less I get done.

There has to be a delicate balance here. I really have pushed myself over the past few months and have gotten a lot done, but it's still not where I wanted or planned to be. The trap I can't let myself fall into is freaking out now that I only have 15 days left and not getting anything done between now and then.

Sometimes knowing there is so much to do can truly be paralyzing. I am halfway finished with my novel, but I know that I can finish it before I go... as long as I can stay happy and as unstressed as possible (if that's a word). So, I was thinking... what is the best way I know to de-stress?

SHOPPING! Okay, so there is a tiny problem, of course, and that's money. I don't really have much money to go all out and go crazy shopping. On the other hand, I have planned out some funds so that I can buy a new suit or nice outfit for my agent/editor appointments. I can't spend much, but it doesn't cost anything to look! I am thinking that while I still need to get at least 3000 words written today, the time has come to take a "mental health" shopping day. Yes, it's completely selfish and indulgent, but fuck it. I deserve it, and it will make me happy.

And if you ask me, happiness is the key to continuing to be productive even in stressful times.


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