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Reality TV Heaven

If you love watching Reality TV, then you know that right now, there are so many great shows starting up. Almost every single one of my favorite reality shows is either just starting or will start soon. Survivor started last Thursday and the cast seems to be mostly young and energetic. The Amazing Race just started last night, and even though I haven't actually watched it yet, I did record it and will probably watch it today sometime. American Idol began over a month ago, I think, but this week marks the first real week of America's votes. Up to now, it has just been auditions and Hollywood week episodes. I think there are a lot of really amazing voices in the competition this year, so it should be a good season. I like the new judge, kara, also.

Next week, there is a new season of America's Next Top Model starting. I haven't seen any news yet on whether Tyra Banks is still going to be leading it or not. The rumor last season was that she wouldn't be back. Guess we will find out! The Biggest Loser - another favorite. It's already quite a ways into the season, but there is still a ton to go. THat show makes me cry almost every single episode. It's so inspiring to watch people taking their lives into their own hands and making a difference. I think there is a new Apprentice starting too, which used to be one of my favorites. But it's another Celebrity Apprentice, and I could never really get into those as much. It's just a lot of rich people throwing around their weight and calling in favors, etc. I would much rather watch a group of real, average everyday people trying to get their dream job with The Trump. I probably won't watch that one, but all of the others are already programmed into my DVR. The only problem I'm going to have is finding time to watch it all.

The bad news? If you hate reality TV, you just might be in TV hell...


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