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Only 2 Days!

Just two days before the release of RIVAL DEMONS!!! I am so excited, and as usual, very nervous. Releasing a new book into the world is always such a crazy experience. After working so hard on a book, I just want everyone to love it, hehe. Rival Demons is by far the longest book so far in the series, coming in at just over 72,000 words. (For comparison, Shadow Demons was about 62,000.) The entire book takes place in the shadow world, where we find out so much about Harper and about Jackson! Their journey is dangerous and filled with emotional ups and downs, but hopefully you'll find it as fun and exciting as I have.

Right now, the book has been read by my husband and my critique group. We worked together to clean up most of the typos and any problems with the plot or story. Now, I'm working on all of the fun formatting that goes into publishing an Indie ebook. Tomorrow, I will load the finished book onto my Nook and Kindle devices to double check the formatting and make sure everything looks great. If all goes according to plan, I will be able to upload the books to Amazon, Smashwords and Barnes and Noble late Thursday night. At that point, it usually takes them anywhere from 3-12 hours to get the book listed for sale on their site. My ultimate wish is that the book will be on sale when everyone wakes up Friday morning!!

Check back here on my blog for buy links and news as it comes in! Also, if you just want to get an email notification about this and any new release of my books, please sign up for my mailing list. All you have to do is enter your email into the small box here on the top of the green sidebar to the right. I'll be sending out an email as soon as the links to buy are up and ready to go. I hope you're as excited as I am about the upcoming release of Book 5. I know it's been a longer wait than normal, but I appreciate your patience and support. The day is almost here (finally) !


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Congrats, Sarra!!! I am just beginning the self-publishing road, so I am very excited for you and your release :-)

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