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Minor Delay on Bitter Demons

I had planned to upload Bitter Demons today, but the edits aren't quite ready yet. I'm still optimistic that I can get it out tomorrow at the latest. My husband and I have a beach trip planned for the weekend, so I'm going to be working super hard to get this done so we don't have to postpone our trip, haha. I need a vacation :P

My amazing, best-in-the-world critique group has already been through the entire book and discussed it with me, so I feel really good about the overall content. At this point, I am just doing one last run-through for spelling errors, little details and formatting things. I'm always so exhausted when I get to this point, but it's oh so worth it when the book finally goes live!

This third book is longer than the other two by about 10,000 words. I'm not sure pages-wise how it really translate. Maybe about 40 pages longer? I have a feeling as I move into the final two books of the series, they will start to get longer and longer. I'm excited about the direction the story is going in, though, and I like that the character relationships are getting deeper. Harper is finally starting to connect more with her power, which is also fun. I can't wait to get the book uploaded tomorrow. As always, it's up to the distributors as to how long it takes to actually go on sale, but I'm guessing Friday afternoon at the latest. Fingers crossed!


Marcia Colette February 23, 2011 at 8:08 PM  

Finish the book already, girlfriend. Some of us are dying to read it. ;-)

Kiki February 23, 2011 at 9:33 PM  

I personally CAN'T WAIT!! :)

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