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Sandra Bullock's Husband is A Dumbass

Surely, you've heard about the drama surrounding Sandra Bullock and Jesse James, right? It's pretty much THE news these days, and I think it's because of the shocking timing. I mean, shouldn't this be the happiest days of her career? She's an immensely talented actress who can pull people to the box office to see her latest film just by name alone. She's so beautiful and young and fresh-faced (even though she's really what? 40-something? Amazing.) We all know that she's great at romantic comedy roles like Gracie Lou Freebush in Miss Congeniality, but we also all know that a role like that will never lead to a Best Actress Oscar, especially when she's competing against the likes of Meryl Streep and Helen Mirren. The Blindside, a movie based on a true story, was her chance to reach deep inside and play a true Oscar-winning role. And win she did. Just this month, Sandra won her first Oscar, and possibly the only one she will ever be nominated for, unless she chooses more dramatic roles in the future. I personally haven't seen the Blindside, but damn, I loved her in The Proposal!

Anyway, my point is that Sandra Bullock is at the pinnacle of her career. This is her moment in the sun. Yet, over the past week or so, two international movie premieres, as well as a European Press tour, have been canceled. While she should be reveling in the glory of her success and riding that train all the way to Europe as the Blindside makes it debut in London and Berlin, instead she's dealing with some trashy slut who has come forward to say that she had an affair with Sandra's husband, Jesse James.

The slut in question, Michelle McGee, couldn't have timed her announcement more perfectly - for the sake of her own career at least. A few months ago, hardly anyone had ever heard of her. Cybersex star and stripper McGee, who is heavily tattoed, recently posed for some tattoo magazine, then convinced the publisher to put her on the cover saying that she'd be famous very soon. How right she was. I guess she was just biding her time, waiting to see if Sandra won the Oscar so that she could use the moment to catapult herself to fame. To me, as if it isn't bad enough that this woman slept with a married man, it's immensely creepy and disgusting that she purposely waited for Sandra's moment in the sun to come forward with this information in order to further her own career. Not only did she hurt Sandra's marriage, she also took away her joy at what should have been a very joyful time in her life.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not placing all the blame on the slut. Jesse James is more to blame than anyone if he really did sleep with her. He's the one, after all, who made a promise when he married Sandra. He's the one who was supposed to be faithful. I personally hope Sandra kicks him to the curb for good. He doesn't deserve her if he would dare treat her like that. And that goes for pretty much ANY husband who cheats on their wife. It definitely sucks to see yet another woman find success in her career only to have her personal life fall apart. That would be heartbreaking to do in private, but can you imagine going through that on such a public level? My heart goes out to Sandra Bullock. Such a beautiful and talented person who deserves so much more.


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