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The Biggest Loser's Rudy is the Biggest Jerk

Last night, I just wanted to stand up and scream at the TV during the elimination on The Biggest Loser. As if last week's argument with Shay didn't make him look bad enough, he had to attack Rebecca this week when there was absolutely no reason for it. Rudy has done extremely well on this show, setting records left and right for most weight lost ever in 10 weeks and for losing 100 pounds faster than anyone ever has before. I am sure his family is proud of him for it. But I just cannot like him, no matter how hard I try.

Last week is when my extreme dislike really started. There was a circus challenge where the contestants had to jump through a hoop onto a trampoline in order to sort of "Vote" for someone. Each person had a hoop assigned to their name and if they got 100 "Votes", they were eliminated. The winner of the challenge was given immunity, so it was a HUGE advantage. As they were standing there about to start the challenge, Rudy turned to Shay and said something along the lines of "I won't go after you until we're the last two, then we'll go after each other, kind of like a hoop alliance." Shay agreed, excited to have an agreement that Rudy wouldn't go through her hoop until they were the only ones left. Staying true to her own agreement, she encouraged her friends to not go after Rudy.

First of all, I think Rudy was being pretty sneaky when he made that fake alliance in the first place. He knew that if he was up against Shay at the end, he could definitely outrun her. Also, he never had any intention of following up on his own promise. He only wanted to make sure her friends didn't go after him first. SMart tactic, but shady to say the least. In the end, there were Rudy, Shay and Danny left. Who does Rudy start gunning for? Shay. Not Danny. Shay. With two people going through her hoop, Shay was eliminated. Danny followed, leaving RUdy with immunity. Then, he has the nerve to actually say that he never had any kind of alliance with her (Cue footage). Freaking liar.

Then, when the weigh in came around, Rudy barely lost any weight. Why should he? He has immunity. And everyone knows that if you hold back one week, you have that much more chance of losing big the following week. For Rudy, it was all game play, and it makes me really annoyed with him.

This week, after the makeovers and his speech about how his sister died of cancer when they were both teenagers, I was close to liking him again. Not quite there, but trying to sympathize with how this man became 440 pounds in the first place. Then, during the elimination, he has to say that he is voting Rebecca out because he doesn't "Trust" her. He accused her of playing both sides of the fence (which basically means she was too good of friends with Amanda and the other younger players for his taste). He even accused her of lying. What? If that happened, it certainly happened off camera. And what was his reasoning behind saying anything that would stir up negative feelings. He couldn't just say, "LIz and I have become really close in the house and I just couldn't write down her name."? Or "I respect and like both of these ladies, but in the end, I voted for Rebecca." No, he had to make Rebecca, who he knew he was sending home, feel terrible.

Rudy is cocky and underhanded. After his 4.5% weight loss, he just needed to make himself feel even better by rubbing salt in Rebecca's wounds. To me, those are the worst kind of people. THe people who have to make others feel bad just to make themselves feel good. If Rudy wins this whole thing, I think I'll puke.

The happiest thing for me was seeing Rebecca at the end of the episode during the transformation segment. She looks amazing! She's lost over 100 pounds now and was running a half marathon! I couldn't believe how great she looked! I'm glad to see she didn't let Rudy's mean comments hold her back.

With only 2 episodes left, there are five people in the running for the title of The Biggest Loser: Rudy (yuck), Allen, Liz, Danny, and Amanda. I personally don't like Liz or Rudy this season, so my votes are with Amanda all the way. I'd be happy for Allen or Danny too, because they seem like nice guys, but Rudy and Liz are too focused on the game. I don't want to see them win the 250,000 dollars. That's just my rant on TBL. Thanks for listening :).

Now, I need to get myself ready for the big ANTM finale tonight! In that finale, I'm rooting for both of the finalists! It's a win-win situation!


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