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Ellen and Portia Tied the Knot

Congratulations to Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi who got married Saturday night in a very intimate ceremony in LA. Earlier this year, California's Supreme Court ruled that the ban on gay marriage was unconstitutional. Several gay and lesbian celebrity couples announced that they were getting married after that ruling, but one of the most public was Ellen's announcement that she would marry her partner of 4 years, Portia. And let me tell you, she certainly put some money into the gorgeous 3-carat diamond ring that she gave to Portia. The ceremony, however, was not put on public display. The opted, instead, for a private crowd of friends and family (both of their mothers were there to support them) at their home.

This is the kind of news that I see and think, "Good for them." I am engaged too, and I know what it means to be in love. I just don't understand why some people look at this and are disgusted or angry that our social values are going out the window and our morals are corrupt. Sure, I am a woman engaged to a man. What difference does it really make when there is love? And how does a wedding between two women in California hurt anyone? Some people say that it affects the whole country. How? By showing people that they can be themselves and not be afraid of who they are? I don't see anything wrong with that.

My own sister is a lesbian living with her partner of almost 10 years, and they are raising their beautiful three year old daughter together. They can't legally get married in Georgia, and I hate that for them. Plus, as the stay at home Mom, my sister is put in a dangerous position were they to ever break up. Without the same legal rights as a spouse, she would end up with nothing to show for their years together. I just don't understand why so many people are so opposed to the idea of gay/lesbian marriage. They are living together and loving each other anyway. Why not allow that community (which makes up a considerable part of our country) the same chance to express their love? Can you honestly tell me that it disrupts the "sacredness" of the marriage contract, or whatever bullshit people start spouting about reasons to ban gay marriage? It's not as though half the people getting married these days take it as seriously as it should be taken anyway. Gay or Straight. Even me, the first time.

I was married to a man for four years, and when we got divorced, we both had rights to an equal distribution of our marital property. Shouldn't my sister have those same rights when she's been in an everything but official marriage with her partner for 10 years? I hope that all states eventually agree with California's ruling and allow gay marriage. Not because I am gay and want to get married, but simply because, if two people love each other and are willing to enter into that committment, they should be allowed to! So, grats to Ellen and Portia, may your marriage be filled with happiness and love.


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